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What we do

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Video Production

End-to-end video production, tailored to the canine world.


As dog owners, we know what resonates with your audience - after all, we face the same joys and challenges! Whether it's promoting dog products or sharing heartfelt stories, we collaborate closely with you from start to finish to share your mission.

We're here to make your investment count! With our resourceful and detail-oriented approach, we always go the extra mile to ensure you're happy with the results.

Videography Projects

"They have a remarkable ability to listen and understand the brief, before delivering what I can only describe as truly stunning videos that capture the essence of our products and our brand"

Clare | Little Bird Told Me

Dog Actors

Our dog roster covers dogs of all ages, breeds, and personalities.


While we value specific cues for certain storytelling shoots - such as sit, wait, or lie down on a bed - our passion is to embrace dogs being themselves.


By understanding their needs and setting the right scene, we can let their true personalities shine through. For instance, a calm and confident dog fits well in busy shoots, while a shy dog can also do great in a product showcase, enjoying some playtime at home!


Video Production with Photography

We specialise in capturing photography and videography together.


With our equipment, lighting and team, we manage projects offering both. This means we can provide consistency and make it a more cost effective and efficient solution for our partners!

Working with us

1. Planning and Creative

Initial Chat: Let's talk and get to know your vision.

Your Brief: We'll go through a brief together so we have all the info.

Pick Your Quote: Choose the quote option that works best for you.

Confirm & Deposit: Once we're set, you can confirm the details and secure with a deposit.

Planning: We'll sort out any models, locations, schedules and moodboards so we're all ready for the shoot.

2. Lights, Camera, Action!

Flexible Participation: Join us on the shoot day, either in person or remotely. Experience real-time collaboration as we bring your vision to life, ensuring you're involved every step of the way.

Guided Experience: We can provide guidance to models and participants, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and at ease throughout the process.

Sneak Peak: We'll capture behind-the-scenes moments, giving your audience an enticing preview of what's to come!

3. Ready to Share

Collaborative Viewing: Preview first drafts on our private video platform, where you can easily view and share with your team.

Feedback: Leave feedback at specific timestamps in our collaborative software, and we'll get to work.

Settle Up: Once you are happy with the final videos, just complete the final payment, and they're all yours!

Ready to Share: We'll send over your videos in the optimal sizes for your website, TikTok, Youtube or wherever else you need them.

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