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About us

Hello! We're Alex and Harry, partners both in work and life for nearly a decade.


With Alex's background in costume design for theatre and award-winning video production, to Harry's specialisation in visual content within the music industry, we bring a unique blend of skills to the table.


Together, we transformed a simple passion for photographing dogs in the park into "The Canine Story". As devoted dog parents to Sierra and lifelong companions to numerous furry friends, our genuine love for dogs drives each project.

Alex on a photoshoot with a dog

Alex | Video Production

Alex loves to captures the raw, unfiltered essence of dogs - authentic, joyful, and real. Her commitment to showcasing honesty and truth is not just a stylistic choice but a reflection of her values.

Harry taking pictures of two Dachshunds

Harry | Photography

Harry excels in resourcefulness, consistently devising innovative strategies to produce creative results within budget constraints. His knack for problem-solving allows him to navigate challenges creatively and effectively.

Sierra posing for a photo

Sierra | Dog Model

Sierra the energetic (but slightly nervous) collie cross has quickly become an invaluable team member, shining brightly as a brand model, TikTok star and our clients most enthusiastic advocate!

Not just dogs...

From capturing the joy of babies, to mountain landscapes, our entire lives revolve around our love for creativity and capturing stories.


It's our passion, and it's what makes every day different and exciting! If you'd like to work with us on something that isn't necessarily about dogs, don't hesitate to get in touch or visit our parent company Fell Pass Ldt


Life behind the lens

As business partners (and life partners!) we’re immersed in video production and photography. We create content for dog owners all over the world and capture dogs in the great outdoors!

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