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We think dogs are

pretty awesome!

End to end video production and photography - with dogs.


What we do

End-to-end video production and photography, tailored to the canine world.

Whether it's promoting dog products or sharing heartfelt stories, we collaborate closely with you from start to finish to share your mission.

About us

We are a creative duo specialising in photography and video production - with a unique focus on dogs.


We’ve been partners for 10 years - and our shared creative vision means we work seamlessly side by side and can offer tailored solutions in either photography, videography, or a combination of both.



"Your video increased our sales so substantially that we are now close to being out of inventory!"

- Gabby | CEO Doggy Bung

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Content Creation

The Canine Story originated as a dog photography Instagram page.


We’ve since grown a following on socials including TikTok and YouTube. We continue to create and share engaging content, building a community that shares our love for all things dog!

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Behind the Scenes

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