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Dog Photography and Videography
with people that really know dogs

For brands

For pet owners

For storytellers

Our mission is to give every dog a voice. From fundraising campaigns to personal pet photography to documentaries, we love to share stories.

Our Values

Dogs come first

Passion before profit

Keeping it real

Dogs are treated as equals, and they receive the 5-star treatment they deserve.

We do what we love, and we're passionate about raising awareness about dogs.

The best moments are when they happen organically, we strive for authenticity.


when working with dogs...


Bring treats

Because who wants to work for free?

22_10_WG_Waggy Walk_SML-066.jpg

Carry lens wipes

A camera is a great toy to chase and lick.


Take breaks

It's hard work being a superstar.

20_05_31 Otto-212.jpg

Be patient

Understanding humans can be difficult!

22_10_WG_Waggy Walk_SML-059_edited.jpg

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