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Waggy Walk with Wimbledon Guild

A Sunshine-Filled Saturday

A group of people walking in a sunny park with their dogs

On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, the sun beamed down on Wimbledon Common, and we joined hundreds of fellow locals and their four-legged pals for the 6th annual Waggy Walk fundraiser by the Wimbledon Guild. We were there to capture the magic and the best part? Wimbledon Guild raised over £12,000 to help support the community and ensure no one in Merton faces life's challenges alone.

Capturing Tail-Wags

We were there to capture all those tail-wags and the infectious doggy happiness that filled the common. We also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Fudge, the local pony, and even met Waggy, the event's mascot!

Discovering Local Talent

While we were at it, we weren't just capturing the action on the common; we were also on a mission to see if we could recruit any potential doggy models. We're thrilled to announce that the search was a success, and we've already had a few local pups join our community.

If you missed our leaflet in your goodie bag you can still join our group here - we welcome all dogs of all ages, any breed and size.

Get Involved - Support Your Community

As locals in Wimbledon Village, we feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this vibrant and pet-loving community. We've loved every moment of capturing the Waggy Walk spirit and the wonderful vibes that make this place so special.

If you're as passionate about supporting your community, visit the Wimbledon Guild's website here to learn more about how you can help. It's a fantastic way to give back to the community and ensure that nobody in Merton faces life's challenges alone.


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