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Ultimate Guide to Our Dog Pop-Up Studio: Perfect for Any Dog-Friendly Event

Looking to add some extra entertainment to your village show, fair, or dog-friendly event? Our dog pop-up studio is the perfect addition! Not only can we capture beautiful, professional photographs, but we also create a fun and free experience for dog owners.

The Pop-up studio

Here's what our set up includes:

  • Large Coloured Paper Backdrop: Our vibrant, clean, colourful backgrounds ensures each dog stands out as the star of the photo.

  • Platform for Dogs: Keeps dogs comfortable and clean, no matter how muddy or wet the ground might be.

  • Soft Lighting: Our flashgun with an umbrella provides a soft, consistent light, so we get great shots regardless of the weather.

“What a success! The Canine Story brought a totally different experience to the show field. They were busy all day with a wide variety of dogs (and owners) and took some lovely pictures of our dog show too. We hope to welcome them back." - Freda, Crosby Ravensworth Show

Check Out Some Behind the Scenes!

Here's How We Can Photograph Any Dog

We believe happy dogs make the best photos. Here’s how we ensure every pup is comfortable and camera-ready:

  1. Gradual Acclimatisation: We use treats and playtime to help dogs get used to the camera and flash. Initial test shots with plenty of treats make sure they associate the camera with positive experiences.

  2. Teamwork: Our duo, Alex (dog assistant) and Harry (photographer), work together seamlessly. Alex keeps the dogs engaged and guides them into the perfect pose, while Harry captures the shot.

  3. Treats and Toys: We bring a variety of treats and toys to keep dogs motivated and excited.

  4. Flash Photography: Flash photography freezes moments, which help us capture even the most playful and wiggly pups in action.

  5. Relaxed Owners: We encourage owners to relax and have fun, which helps the dogs do the same.

  6. Colour Backdrop: A clean, seamless backdrop highlights the dog's character and makes them shine.

  7. Photoshop: For safety, all dogs stay on a lead during the shoot. We use software to remove the leads from the final photos, ensuring they look their best.

  8. Doggy Platform: Our platform keeps dogs elevated and clean, away from any mud or wet grass.

Hire Us for Your Dog-Friendly Events!

Our pop-up studio needs only a 4x3 meter space and can accommodate any dog, regardless of size, breed, or temperament. Plus, we don’t charge a fee for dog owners or event organisers. The costs of our setup are covered through optional post-show print sales, so you can offer an awesome experience for your attendees at no extra cost to you!

So, whether it's a charity event, local fair or festival, get in touch to make your event even more special.


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