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Turning Pet Dogs into Models

This summer, we attended two fantastic country shows with our trusty pop-up studio. Our goal was clear: to turn every pet dog into the furry superstars they are!

An Unmissable Experience for Dog Owners

Our pop-up studio became a hub for dogs and their humans to enjoy a memorable photoshoot experience. We offered a free digital image to serve as a cherished keepsake of the day and the option to purchase prints that showcased their pet dogs looking majestic!

We love the opportunity to meet countless wonderful dogs and their owners. Every dog had a unique personality, from the bouncy, high-energy pups to the calm and confident. We loved capturing all the different personalities.

Our Top Tips for a Smooth Dog Photoshoot

After photographing countless dogs, of all breeds and temperaments! We've put together our top tips for a successful photoshoot, whether you're interested in photography or if you're thinking about coming along to one of our events.

  1. Team Work: Having a dog assistant and a photographer working together is essential. The dog assistant can guide the dog into the right position and keep the dog's attention, while the photographer captures the perfect shot.

  2. Treats and Toys: Dogs have different motivations, so we always carry a mixture of treats and toys. From crunchy biscuits to meat pate. It's the secret to keeping our furry models engaged and excited.

  3. Flash Photography: For those wiggly, playful pups, a high shutter speed combined with flash photography is a game-changer. It freezes the moment and captures the perfect shot.

  4. Relaxed Owners: Dogs feed off their owner's energy. So, owners who keep the atmosphere relaxed and chill get the best results. It's all about having a good time, and dogs being their natural, playful selves is when we capture their personalities!

  5. Colour Backdrop: A seamless, clean backdrop makes your dog stand out, allowing their character to shine.

  6. Photoshop: We always need dogs to stay on lead due to the event rules. So we use software to remove them afterwards, making sure your pet stays safe but also looks amazing afterwards.

  7. Positive Association: To ensure dogs are comfortable in front of the camera, we offer lots of treats during some initial test shots. It creates a positive association with the camera - dogs are fast learners and soon learn what to do!

  8. Doggy Platform: We use a doggy platform to raise the dog's height above potentially muddy or wet grass. It keeps them comfortable and clean.

Hire Us for Your Dog-Friendly Events!

If you're planning a dog-friendly event and want to offer a memorable photoshoot experience for your guests, we're here for you! All we need is a space of around 4x3 meters to set up our professional studio. We can work with any dog, no matter their size, breed, or temperament. Your dog owners are guaranteed to have a unique experience and leave with memories to cherish.

So, whether it's a charity event, local fair or festival, get in touch to make your event even more special!


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