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Working with Children and Dogs

Client: Little Bird Told Me

Objective: To revamp Little Bird Told Me's visual content with a scandi touch - while building a content library for use across website and socials.

What we Provided:

Product Video

Amazon Adverts

Social Content

Lifestyle Photography

Product Photography

Promotional Content

Copywriting / Messaging

Never work with children and animals they say - challenge accepted! We worked with toy manufacturer Little Bird Told Me to re-haul their photography and video content for their products - including Dexter and Peanut the adorable dogs! The aim was to capture a diverse suite of photography and videography content covering all products in order to create a content library for Little Bird Told Me.

After crafting a mood board, we embraced a light, Scandi aesthetic. Collaborating with Little Bird Told Me, we meticulously planned locations and schedules.

Production consisted of two shoot days, two locations, eight child models and twenty products! Efficiency and communication were the key factors on this shoot, ensuring that each team member had their own role so we could capture both photography and video content before moving on to another product or child.

A lot of time and care was spent ensuring that the video messaging captured the brand ethos and best communicated various product features. We successfully provided a suite of new images and videos which can be found across the brand’s website, ecommerce listings, distributors and social media platforms.


"We are thrilled with the exceptional quality of the photos and videos produced by Alex, Harry and the team. They have a remarkable ability to listen and understand the brief, then spend hours patiently capturing special moments, before editing everything expertly to deliver what I can only describe as truly stunning videos that capture the essence of our products and our brand. Filming young children is notoriously difficult, yet they have nailed it!” - Clare Lucas | Co-Founder

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