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Rebranding Doggy Bung

Client: Doggy Bung

Objective: Transform Doggy Bung's brand with edgy visuals, website redesign, and compelling marketing to emphasise their unique product.

What we Provided:

Promotional Video

Lifestyle Photography

Ecommerce Photography

Logo Design 

Business & Affiliate cards


Digital Pitch Deck

Marketing Copy

Website Design & Build

Social Content

Californian brand Doggy Bung approached us to create a video showcasing their toy's wild and unpredictable bounce for their Amazon listing. Our aim was to feature a variety of breeds and terrains within the given budget, highlighting the toy's versatility. Leveraging our dog roster, we collaborated with diverse pet dogs. This collaborative approach enabled Doggy Bung to remain within budget, allowing them to provide some products as tokens of appreciation to our canine models.

Building on the success of the video, Doggy Bung engaged us for a comprehensive brand overhaul. We set out to redefine their entire brand identity from scratch. Seeking an edgy, rebellious aura, they aimed to distinguish themselves from typical dog brands while also honouring their unique family backstory. This initiative led to a revamped website structure and design, a refreshed logo, a vibrant colour palette, and an array of marketing materials, including photography and leaflets. Each element was created to resonate with their renewed rebellious identity.

Throughout this transformative journey, our primary focus remained on ensuring a seamless user experience on their website. We integrated quick purchase options and an edgy personality, while increasing trust and credibility through authentic testimonials and customer photos. Additionally, we introduced an ambassador program, facilitating the collection of user-generated content tailored for TikTok videos.


"Your video increased our sales so substantially that we are now close to being out of inventory!" - Gabrielle Cole | Co-founder

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