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Making Friends Though Dogs

Client: Borrow My Doggy

Objective: To share real stories of the BorrowMyDoggy community to raise awareness of the organisation.

What we Provided:

Branded Content

Talking Head Interviews

Social Content

It’s in our name, but we love a good story, and these member testimonials with Borrow My Doggy gave us the chance to tell some beautiful stories about making life long friendships through their service.

BorrowMyDoggy connects local dog lovers with dog owners - allowing people without a dog the chance to spend time with one. We met up with various "owners" and "borrowers" to share their story on how they met through the love for a dog.

After learning a bit about the members we would be talking to, we started pre-production! This involved carefully crafting our interview questions in order to steer the conversation to tell the story in the best way, when working with people who’ve never been on camera before we always take time to make sure they are comfortable with us and it just feels like a relaxed chat. 

We were welcomed into the homes of the dog owners while we set up the camera equipment for the interview, importantly taking the time to get the dogs used to us and the cameras. Once everything was ready, the cameras started rolling and we had a lovely chat with the dog borrowers and owners, only briefly interrupted by some loud zoomies in the background! After capturing the main interview we went on a walk with each member so we could capture some b-roll of them spending time together, as well as filming some establishing shots for the story.

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