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Dog Photography Experience

Client: Various Village Shows & Fairs

Objective: To offer a memorable photoshoot experience for dogs and owners at local events.

What we Provided:

Event Photography

Individual Dog Portraits

Our pop-up studio serves as a hub for dogs and their owners, offering a memorable photoshoot experience at local village shows and fairs. As part of our package, event attendees receive a complimentary digital image, serving as a cherished keepsake of the day, with the option to purchase prints afterward. Additionally, we capture moments from the dog shows for the event's website and social media.

Our setup consists of a large coloured paper backdrop with a plaform for the dogs to stand on. We use a flashgun with an umbrella almost above and in front of the dog to create a nice soft light. This also helps to keep a more consistent look to the final images as it minimises the impact of any weather changes with the sun going in and out of clouds.

One of the key things we consider with these events is ensuring the dogs are happy and comfortable, after all, this makes for a much better photo of the dogs. This means getting them used to the camera and the flashgun going off with lots of treats or playtime, and taking the pressure off to get the perfect shot immediately. Relaxed photographers and relaxed dog owners goes a long way to a relaxed dog!

We love the opportunity to meet countless wonderful dogs and their owners, and provide the event organisers with an experience to promote their event.

"What a success, The Canine Story brought a totally different experience to the show field. They were busy all day with a wide variety of dogs (and owners) and took some lovely pictures of our dog show which is totally chaotic! We hope to welcome them back."

Freda | Secretary Crosby Ravensworth Show

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