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Cobble the Seizure Alert Dog

Client: Support Dogs

Objective: To share Nicola's journey with her support dog Cobble - while raising awareness of Support Dogs epilepsy program.

What we Provided:

Talking Head Interviews

Charity Film

Social Media

Press Versions

Working with the UK charity Support Dogs, we shared the story of Nicola and her Support Dog, Cobble. Our goal was to raise awareness about epilepsy and showcase how dogs, particularly seizure alert dogs, significantly improve people's lives.

After a heartfelt conversation with Nicola to delve deeper into her narrative, we initiated pre-production in close collaboration with Support Dogs. This encompassed scouting locations, scheduling the filming day, and preparing interview questions in advance to ensure we captured crucial moments for the charity.

The shoot took place on an exceptionally hot summer day in Essex, potentially one of the hottest of the year. Quickly adjusting our plans, we prioritised Cobble's well-being, ensuring ample shade breaks and water to keep him safe and comfortable while capturing essential footage.

In the editing phase, our primary focus was to authentically convey Nicola's experience with epilepsy within a concise 3.5-minute video. After finalising the main video, we produced additional content for social media and crafted a press version featured in the Sunday Times.


Alex and Harry provided our charity with some exceptionally high quality films. They carefully planned the whole process and made our service users relaxed and at ease throughout filming . We would definitely use them again.

 - Danny Anderson | Fundraising Manager

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