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Borrow My Doggy Explained

Client: Borrow My Doggy

To create a hero video conveying how the dog sharing service Borrow My Doggy works while also promoting it to potential new customers.

What we Provided:

Explainer Video



Social Content

Borrow My Doggy approached us to create a hero piece of video content that succinctly explained their service while ensuring a captivating and informative delivery. This video would be hosted on their 'How it Works' webpage, emphasising the need for seamless integration with their existing content. Therefore we created the video script based on their existing website instructions and marketing copy for consistency, and created custom animations using the graphics from the existing webpage.

To infuse a compelling narrative, we introduced characters to guide viewers through the service journey. This storyline followed a dog owner and borrower, illustrating the various steps. Our filming spanned multiple days and locations, with the charismatic Otto the Cocker Spaniel taking centre stage as our delightful canine model.

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