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Wimbledon Common Walk - South West London

Wimbledon Common and Wimbledon Village is one of the most dog friendly areas of London and the perfect day out with your dog.

Jerry on the common | © The Canine Story

Our circular route takes you through the commons, towards the famous Wimbledon Village (where the tennis is) and has plenty of pubs and cafes to choose from to have lunch.

Start at the Windmill car park, the parking is free but has as a donation scheme to support the charity that runs the commons. Here you can visit the free museum, have a toilet stop and grab a hot drink or breakfast bap from the Cafe! With dog treats and dog friendly ice cream available in the summer your dogs will be well catered for.

You can follow our 5km route here (shown below), or you can just park at the Windmill and explore yourselves.

Wimbledon Common and Village loop | Made on Ordnance Survey

While the route is easy, it can get muddy during the winter months after a lot of rain, so wellies are sometimes required! Wimbledon common is also home to nesting birds and a popular place for horse riders, so you'll need to have dogs under control and/or on a lead at times.

As you make your way through the wooded area of the commons with the golf course on your right, you will end up on a lovely open area with a pond. This is a very popular spot for people to meet up and sunbathe or have picnics in the summer. Walking past the pond, you continue towards Wimbledon Village, which is home to shops, cafes, delis, dog groomers and dog shops so you can get your pup a new treat or toy while you're there. On Sunday's they have the village market where you can purchase gins, cheeses and taste some street food.

At this point, you've probably worked up an appetite, so to get to the lunch stop, you can either walk along the path by the impressively sized houses or walk via the pond again. Soon you will come to The Crooked Billet and The Hand in Hand, two pubs right next to each other. Both are Young's pubs and have a similar dog friendly vibe and a great place for a pub lunch! It's the place to be during the summer months, as the deck chairs and picnic blankets come out and populate the green in front of the pubs.

Ben having a relax outside the pub | © The Canine Story

Once you've had your rest stop, it's back into the common again, this time following a more secluded route through the forest, before eventually making it back to the Windmill car park.

This is a great walk at any time of the year, however there are plenty of other amazing routes to explore throughout the common using the Windmill as a base, so be sure to have a wonder around next time you are there.

Waggy Walk 2022 | © Wimbledon Guild


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