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DIY Soothing Dog Paw Balm

A super quick and easy recipe to make your own soothing paw balm bar for your dog.

When making this recipe, all ingredients should be natural and food-grade just in case your dog tries to lick their paws (mmmm tasty). You can even use this as a moisturiser for your hands. We like to gently put a small amount on our pups paws when she's having a nap so it has time to soak in.

You can take care of your dogs paws by doing a few things, such as clipping their claws, trimming the fur in between their toes and making sure they get used to new surfaces over time. A soothing paw balm can be used to treat dry and cracked paws and provide some protection against harsh conditions, but should be used sparingly.

Some dogs have allergies and can be sensitive to certain ingredients, if you are unsure about any of the ingredients or whether paw balm is right for you consult with your vet.

What You Need


Step 1.

Either using a microwave safe dish or double burner on the hob, melt the beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter. The beeswax takes a bit longer to melt than the other ingredients and cools quite quickly so be sure to work fast!

Step 2.

Combine all ingredients and pour into your mould.

Step 3.

Put them in the fridge and leave them to harden before removing from the mould. Store in a cool place in an airtight jar.

Step 4.

When applying to your dogs paws use sparingly, it's also best to do it when they are sleeping or napping so it has time to soak in and work it's magic!

Top Tip: These bars will melt and soften when warmed using hands, reduce the quantity of oil for a more solid bar.

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