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Ask the right questions before a pet photoshoot

As dog photographers, we're part photographer, part dog whisperer and part client liaison. Every dog is different, every pet owner is different, but they all deserve to have an enjoyable photoshoot experience.

Springer spaniel puppy with a red harness runs towards the camera on a pebble beach

It's important to gather information prior to the shoot, but it's equally important to ask the right questions! Instead of asking, "Is your dog well behaved?" (because, let's face it, that means something different to every person), we dig deeper. We want to know if the dog can focus around other distractions, whether they’ll chase birds if they’re off lead, or if they prefer to be around people they already know. There is no judgement at all, we just want to understand exactly what environment would be best suited for the dog so we can get the best photos of them.

Here's a few of our top questions we make sure to ask all dog owners before our shoots.


Question 1: "Tell me about your dog"

This open-ended question reveals a lot about the dogs personality traits as well as what the owner loves the most, offering insight into the dog we'll be photographing and what's important to the owner.

Question 2: "Does your dog have any allergies, injuries or special requirements we should know about?"

This question can cover a lot, from allergies to certain dog treats, to issues walking up stairs or even behavioural issues. This will help tailer the environment, help you plan the session so it's suitable for the dog involved and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Question 3: "Where is your dog happiest and comfortable?"

This is another one of those questions where because there is no judgement you'll get an honest answer. If the dog is happier in the countryside away from other dogs and distractions then you'll be able to find a location which is suitable where they wont be distracted, and the owner wont feel stressed that their dog is struggling to focus or "misbehaving".

Question 4: "What's the main goal for this session, and which aspects of their personality do you want us to capture?"

Sometimes clients aren't sure what they want from the session, or if they do, they might not know how to ask for it. It's our job to interpret their needs and motivations. Knowing why they want the photos - whether it's for wall art, social media, or cherished memories. This helps us focus on what matters most and keep everyone on the same page.

Question 5: "What is their favourite thing to do?"

This question not only uncovers what motivates the dog but also helps plan some suitable poses. Whether the dog enjoys playtime, chasing toys, exploring nature, or showing off training skills for treats, tailoring the shoot to their preferences will get the best shots out of them. From action shots to natural poses or staged setups, capturing the dog's unique personality in every frame is essential for a successful photoshoot!

An elderly labrador looks off to the distance while walking through the countryside


We always believe in setting each dog up for success, as well making sure the experience is enjoyable for the dog and owner too.

If you'd like to book a photoshoot session for your dog, we're here to help! Just get in touch and tell us about your pup!


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