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Dog Bandana Tutorial

Make your own dog bandana with our free tutorial and downloadable pattern!

This bandana is made by creating a tunnel which you can easily thread your dogs collar through. This makes it easy to take on and off, and also swap for different colours and fabrics depending on the occasion.

What you'll need

  • Fabric (a cotton or wool blend can work well, try to choose a fabric with the print on both sides, a fat quarter is all you need for x1 bandana)

  • Matching colour thread

  • Sewing machine (a Brother machine is a good versatile sewing machine for home projects)

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • Iron & Ironing board

  • Printer

  • Pattern (as bandana sizes are determined by collar size, dog breed and personal preference we've included a size medium which can be altered if required)

Dog Bandana Pattern_The Canine Story
Download PDF • 407KB


Step 1

Print out your pattern onto A4 paper and cut out the pattern piece using paper scissors. Fold your fabric up and iron lightly to create a small crease along the centre (this helps with accuracy). Next lay the pattern on the fold, pin in place and cut out using fabric scissors.

Top tip: Paper can blunt your fabric scissors making it harder to cut through the fabric, use separate scissors for paper and fabric.

Step 2

Lay your fabric out flat and iron the whole piece so it's nice and flat. Start with one edge of the piece of fabric and fold over by approximately 1cm and press, folder over again by 1cm and press.

Continue around the edges of the piece so each edge has a double hem. The hem stops any fraying, there are a few ways you can do this depending on your sewing supplies and sewing ability, you can also use an overlocker (serger), or you could zigzag around the edges.

Give the whole piece a really good iron and if you need you can secure the folds with pins as well to keep them in shape while you stitch each side.

Top tip: To create a less bulky point, you can snip off the point before folding your hem, be careful not to snip too much, it should be around 1 or 2cm from the point.

Step 3

Stitch around the whole thing to create the hem of the bandana, make sure to backstitch when you start and finish to secure the threads.

Step 4

Fold down the top of the bandana and press, this will create the tunnel where your dogs collar will thread through, check here that your dog's collar will fit through the tunnel. Stitch across, making sure to backstitch to secure the thread.

Step 5

Give it a good iron, snip any loose threads and triple check you haven't left any pins anywhere!

Step 6

Thread your dogs collar through the tunnel, take a photo or video and tag us on socials #thecaninestory.

Top tip: When taking a photo, go somewhere where your dog feels most comfortable and relaxed. You could also try using treats, so grab one of their fave treats and break up into a few small pieces, hold up a treat above your camera to get them to look towards you!

Always supervise your pet when wearing the bandana, never leave them alone wearing it, if your pet appears to be uncomfortable wearing the bandana remove immediately.

You may find links to supplies to help you with this tutorial. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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