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Brand and Corporate

We worked with BorrowMyDoggy and Purina to create a video explaining the Pets at Work alliance, a non-profit scheme to help businesses introduce dogs into workplaces and their employees lives. 

Combining animations, kinetic typography, interviews, VO and lifestyle footage we created a story encompassing the services provided in a heartwarming way.


In support of the 'Blue Cross' a pet charity, we created a 'Doggy bow tie' tutorial video along with a free pattern to download.


 With over 150k views on Youtube, lots of people have taken up the challenge and made their dogs a bow tie!


In 2019 we visited Battersea park to document the world record attempt for the most amount of dogs in Christmas Jumpers! Held by BorrowMyDoggy and Save the Children.


This video is especially sweet as it tells the story of 2 people who met through BorrowMyDoggy and fell in love. 

We also created the thumbnail for YouTube.


We visited Zarkovica Animal Shelter, and donated our photography and video services to help them spread awareness and raise money. The shelter was founded in 2004 and is overlooking the tourist city of Dubrovnik. The shelter operates without running water or electricity, and all structures and facilities are constructed by hand by volunteers. 

Creative Content

For Valentines Day, we created a short movie about the love between dogs and humans. We also created the thumbnail for YouTube.


We are passionate about dogs and would love to help you tell your story. We can provide the following services,

  • Creative pre-production, concept and brief

  • VO and script (male or female)

  • Animations, in the form of Motion Graphics – including the creation of illustrations

  • Kinetic Typography 

  • Dog training expertise and advice 

  • Marketing knowledge

  • All Editing – including colour grade and audio 

  • Licenced music library 

  • Filming: 2-person crew (camera operator and creative director)

  • Audio (recording and conducting interviews, testimonials) 

  • Graphic design, thumbnails and accompanying assets for social media

  • Subtitles


If you’d like to request our rates simply get in touch, we can discuss your needs and give you a price quote! 

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