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Did someone say cheese?

Dog photography with people who really know dogs! Any excuse for us to play with dogs really...

Happy Dogs

Dogs come first here, (sorry humans). Their happiness is our top priority.


We listen and communicate with your dog, being a model is hard work.

Canine Expertise

We steer away from forced, un-natural poses, we capture real moments.


On Location

Capture your dogs personality while they are in their favourite place. Muddy paws and all!

This could be out on a walk or in your home or garden.


Studio Style

With our pop-up portable studio, you can have fun with colour and capture stunning shots.


(This shot was taken in a field on a rainy day)

We're hiring (dogs)

Whether you like the idea of receiving some freebies in the post, or your dog is on the road to stardom - we may just have the project for you!

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