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Dog Videography 

From marketing campaigns to documentaries, we capture the magic of dogs and share it with the world!


Video production

We're all about taking the hassle out of video production. From concept development to execution, we've got it covered.


Whether you need some dog models or have your own furry stars, we'll work with you to create a video that hits all your goals and objectives.


We're flexible too - we can work alongside your in-house team or take care of the whole project ourselves.

Social media

Every social platform has a different purpose and style of video that works.


Our approach is all about making the most of your video content - by creating a strategy that covers all platforms, we can help you to increase your reach and awareness, whether through organic or paid advertising.

22_10_WG_Waggy Walk_SML-066.jpg

UGC Style

Potential customers love to see your products and services in action! 


With our network of pet owners and dog models, we facilitate, create and provide high quality video content (and photo) that has that ‘user-generated’ feel.


This option emulates the organic feeling that performs highly on social media and in advertising.


Documentary style is all about storytelling and connecting with your audience, that's why it is a great way to share a mission or case study.

Our documentary style videos are perfect for brands, charities, and individuals. We can craft videos that are short and sweet for YouTube, or longer feature-length films.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 15.07.11.png
Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 17.36.15.png.png


Animation (or a mixture of animation and live motion) can be a great way to showcase abstract concepts or explain how something works.

We can provide anything from simple motion graphics and text animation to full illustrations and 2d characters.

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