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Our Story

Capturing the magic of dogs.

Our journey started with two Londoners eager to break free from the daily routine and engage in something more meaningful and exciting. This led us to uncover our love for photographing dogs in the park and sharing these moments on Instagram. Soon enough, we built up a community of like-minded dog enthusiasts, and The Canine Story was born.


About us

We're not your typical creative agency - we focus solely on the dog industry! And as dog owners ourselves, we can fully immerse ourselves in our clients mission.


Whether it's photography, website building, marketing, or even finding the perfect doggy models, we can handle everything in-house. Our approach is all about efficiency – getting things done the smart way so we can spend more time creating awesome content and playing with dogs!


Our expertise lies in helping dog-related businesses and charities showcase their products, services and mission.

The Team

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